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CISM Benefits for Business 
Critical Incident Response Programs: The New Standard of Excellence in Risk Management

Critical Incidents* are inevitable in any type of business or industry.  When you have a Critical Incident Stress Management program in place your company will manage the associated risks more effectively and inexpensively. Many CISM services are billable to third party payers!

C.I.S.M. Programs serve to:

1. Meet OSHA requirements for General Duty Clause 29 USC 1900 5(a) and for S.E.M.P. compliance (Structured Emergency Response Program) 

2. Provide Risk Management for adversarial situations and help decrease litigious responses

3. Help prevent job stress and burnout problems and worker injuries/errors and associated costs

4. Decrease bottom line expenses for employers. Studies have shown realized savings of $7 for every $1 spent on CISM.

5. Promote employee wellness and decrease utilizaton of sick time and benefits, up to 60%, in noted cases.

6. Stabilize crisis situations quickly & effectively when they do occur

*Examples of work related Critical Incidents:

  Accidents/Injuries/Deaths occuring while at work
  Death of an employee off the job
  Death of employee family member
  Workplace violence
  Robberies/ Crime
  Chronic job related stress
  Inadequate stress management skills
  Natural Disasters: fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes
The National Safe Workplace Institute projects the cost to business at greater than $4.3 billion annually as the result of loss productivity, worker error, sick time and job related injury due to the traumatic impact from these types of events.

For a complimentary, no obligation consultation on how your business can benefit from custom designed C.I.S.M. prevention and response programs Call Sherry @ 713-594-0859 or email

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