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Custom Services

Sherry Cardinal offers a range of services for Critical Incident Stress Management. Consultations are done in person, by telephone and via the internet and can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of individuals, groups, small businesses, corporations and public institutions. They include:

Culture Innovations in Safety Management 

Pre-crisis Education Programs
Stress Resiliency Training

Job Stress & Burnout Prevention Coaching

Workshops & Seminars on Stress Management 
Speaking Engagements on Related Topics

Death Notification Training 

Stress Management Coaching &Trauma Resolution Counseling

Critical Incident Stress Management Coaching for First Responders & Military Veterans

Some services may be reimbursable from third party payors

This is a fully owned and operated woman's business and SBA small business

Contact Sherry at 713-594-0859

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CISM International

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Phone: 713-594-0859

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