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CISM Services for First Responders 
CISM for First Responders & Military Veterans
CISM for First Responders & Military Veterans

Critical Incident Stress Management Coaching for First Responders and Military Veterans

By far, the most emails and requests for referrals and training I receive are from those working in the field of first response, such as police, firefighters, EMS and ambulance, medical emergency,  rescue personnel and military veterans.   By definition, their jobs expose them to critical incidents, very often on a daily basis.    Many first responder departments participate in CISM services, both as peer facilitators and participants after an incident.  Some departments, sadly, do not.  Regardless, very often there is a need for follow-up and/or individual attention that is very confidential and cost-effective.  I am endeavoring to respond to this need by offering the following services.

  • CISM Coaching:  Convenient individual, confidential TeleHealth coaching for trauma recognition & resolution, job stress management strategies and professional growth & development.  Times are flexible and services are very affordable.  See below*
  • All coaching services are done from a telehealth platform in the comfort of your own home or preferred location.  No need for travel and associated expenses for either you or me!  

* In order to protect your privacy and confidentiality, we do not accept third party insurance, but have a sliding fee scale based on income and ability to pay. We will provide you with the required information for you to get reimbursed by your insurance if you so choose. 

"Sherry provided me with invaluable support in developing a Critical Incident Stress Management Team at the Sheriff's Office...she has willingly dedicated her professional counseling skills to the employees of the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office and local agencies...Sherry provided the foundation upon which I would construct our team " Captain Matt Carter, FBCSO.

For more information:  

Sherry (713) 594-0859

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