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 Tony Fleeger, CEM, Emergency and Contingency Planning Officer, U.S. Army 
Tony Fleeger, CEM, Emergency and Contingency Planning Officer, U.S. Army

I have had the extreme pleasure of having Sherry Cardinal as a guest speaker at our 2014 Southeast Georgia and Coastal Empire Civil Support Seminar. Sherry presented a session on Critical Incident Stress Management – Second Hand Shock, to an audience of 150 people ranging from Federal, State and Local agencies and communities. She brought to the forefront who is at risk and some of the personal and professional factors that may affect our emergency responders. It also opened the eyes of most leaders as to what to look for in their response personnel. Sherry is a professional that believes service to others is more important than service to self. I have had many positive comments come back from her presentation from mayors, city/county administrators and police/fire chiefs. I would call on Sherry again in a second if I ever had to discuss this type of subject with any other group. Thank you Sherry - for your time, professionalism and your compassion for others.

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