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Supportive Online Solutions TeleHealth Services

Why TeleHealth?  With advances in technology and the use of TeleHealth as a milieu during the Covid pandemic, there were many advantages that  became obvious to both providers and clients.  I adore creating win-win situations!

1.  More affordable. Less overhead for a physical office means less expenses for me, so I pass the savings on to you with lower fees, often by as much as 50% less than in person visit fees! Both indivual session and subscription payment options will be discussed during your free consultation based on what sevices you are wanting.

2.  More flexible.  Less hassle, time and travel makes TeleHealth scheduling more convenient for all!  Another win-win! 

3.  More access.  TeleHealth technology bridges the time and distance gaps that can often be barriers to obtaining services for many people.  Also TeleHealth is less weather prone from adverse driving conditions.

4. More confidential.  My TeleHealth platforms, powered by and are HIPPA compliant and/or secure sites. There are no 3rd parties! Only you and I have access to your information and is kept stricktly confidential according to applicable laws.


During a 15 minute phone or video call with Sherry, you will be given the procedural and financial information you need to choose which services are best suited to your needs and a opportunity to ask Sherry any questions you may have about the services.

All it takes is a phone call to 713-594-0859  (please leave a message and a call-back number) or an email to  to set up the free consultation. 


You have your feet firmly planted on the shore but may be experiencing some confusion as to which steps and path you need to take going forward.  In this case, you might need some COACHING to help you discern what your needs and desires are at this point in your life.  You might be going through a transition of some kind, career change, moving, relationship shift, job stress, critical incidents or just everyday stress  and require some new strategies, guidance, and encouragement to get you on your way. 

As an experienced personal and corporate coach, Coach Sherry Cardinal  can provide you with the essential synergy that will propel you on your journey.   In coaching you get all the knowledge and experience as you do in counseling, just applied in a different manner.


Sometimes you might find yourself adrift, unsure of which direction the shore is, stuck in a rip tide which is taking you away from where you want to be, experiencing a loss, change or trauma of some kind that is blowing you off course  These life challenges require more indepth exploration and resolution.  You would benefit from COUNSELING from a licensed person that is experienced, both professionally and personally, in finding solutions to such challenges.

Sherry Cardinal, LCSW, DAAETS has the credentials to assist you in this capacity. As a licensed psychotherapist in Maine, Sherry's counseling services are limited, by law, to residents of this state.


There are often waves of events and passages in our lives that we need to celebrate or acknowledge in some way.  CEREMONIES may take the form of a marriage, a memorial,  celebrations of life, an important life accomplishment, a house blessing, a dedication or anything you can imagine that you choose to remember through a ceremony. Fees for ceremonies are variable, based on time, location and type of service.

As an ordained, non-sectarian minister, Rev. Sherry Cardinal provides pastoral care and can assist you in creating the type of ceremony you are wanting.

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